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2012-11-11 03:41 am


"You get depressed because you know that you’re not what you should be."  - Marilyn Manson

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2012-11-10 01:36 am


My first autograph received using FanMail Biz. :D Following precious successful posts, I contacted the Sesame Street team through their site on November third and received mail from Sesame Workshop six days later. Young or old, it's cute and colorful, although since I live in New York (where Sesame Workshop is located); other delivery time may vary. I had no idea what exactly to write so I said it was for my daughter's birthday which is why I think it came so fast. ;P It's also not a pre-print comparing it to others. The mail man did bend it when putting it in the mail box... :/

Here's to a budding autographolic's beginnings.