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and for every king that died they would crown another

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Name:the hangwoman
Website:as high as honor
I want to weep, she thought. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all… a day… an hour...

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abandoned places, accents, accessories, alternative fashion, alternative models, angelic pretty, animal rights, anime conventions, anthony hopkins, antiques, art, arts and crafts, asoiaf, barbie, baroque, bela lugosi, bellatrix lestrange, betsey johnson, bettie page, black and white photos, blythe, bohemian, books, bookstores, broadway, burlesque, cameos, cards, carousels, cats, charms, circus arts, clarice starling, classic hollywood, classical music, collecting, corsets, costume jewelry, costumes, creativity, culture, cute things, decorating, disney, dita von teese, dolls, drag queens, edwardian era, emilie autumn, england, ethnic jewelry, fashion history, foreign films, foreign music, freddie mercury, game of thrones, ganguro, girly things, gothic and lolita bible, gothic culture, greece, hand written letters, hannibal lecter, harpsichord, harry potter, haunted places, haute doll, headdresses, himegyaru, horror films, human rights activism, humanitarianism, individuality, jane seymour, japan, japanese culture, japanese dolls, japanese pop culture, japanese street fashion, jewelry, jrock, katherine of aragon, kirby, lgbt rights, lipstick lesbians, lolita, lolita fashion, malice mizer, maria callas, melisandre, mermaids, monster high, museums, music boxes, musicals, nintendo, nyc, older men, pansexuality, paranormal, parasols, peacocks, pearls, phantom of the opera, photography, pinups, pokemon, postcards, psychology, rain storms, reading, recycling, repo! the genetic opera, rococo, royalty, ruffles, rupauls drag race, russia, sailor moon, sanrio, sarah brightman, saris, scarves, scrapbooking, sea animals, seashells, sightseeing, snailmail, souvenirs, stationary, steampunk, stem cell research, stickers, sweet lolita, taking photos, tea, tea parties, the color red, the legend of zelda, the ocean, the tudors, the victorian era, theater, thrift stores, traveling, tumblr, vintage anything, vintage fashion, vintage photos, visual kei
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